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Reflexology or zone therapy is an ancient healing therapy that dates back to 2330 BC in ancient Egypt also we know the early Indians, Russians, Japanese and Chinese worked on the feet to promote good health.
It was discovered way back in ancient times that reflex points found on the feet and hands correspond to all organs, glands and parts of the body. Reflexology offers therapeutic effects throughout the body, this traditional practice has become a complement to medicine, as studies and Research show just how effective this form of therapy can be.

Our feet are what move us forward to enable progression so taking good care of them seems like a good idea

In the early twentieth century, Dr William Fitzgerald discovered that by applying pressure to certain areas of the body he could relieve pain in other, seemingly unrelated areas.

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet that benefit from being massaged by your therapist, this offers relaxation to the body, calms the mind & soothe emotions.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and is used and recognised in the NHS, GPs and hospices.

HOW does it work?

The method of gentle and firm pressure is applied to the reflex points on the feet or hands, using the thumbs and fingers.
Your therapist during treatment will discover blockages within the system and work through these areas enabling healing and toxin removal.

Feedback from your Reflexologist will be given at the end of your treatment.

A Reflexology Treatment Balances, Improves Circulation, Cleanses Toxins and impurities, Revitalizes energy, Stimulates creativity and productivity and can nurture relationships.

It is a natural gentle therapy that can be beneficial and enjoyable to people of all age – from babies to the elderly.

Whilst reflexology works very well alongside conventional medicine, it should not be used in place of professional medical advice. If you have a medical issue please contact your GP for further information.


Clients have reported relief from:

Digestive issues,
Hormonal Imbalance
Perimenopause & Menopause
muscular aches & pains,
Bowel complaints
Circulation issues
Joint conditions
Skin issues and more.

A Clinical reflexologist can treat you by stimulating tired reflexes or soothing hyperactive reflexes.

Reflexology can encourage balance for physiological and psychological issues.

Reflexology can be used even if you do not suffer from any medical condition as it provides a great way to provide relief from anxiety and stress by creating a calm, relaxed and balanced state within the body.

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